ActiveMinds Reviews The Fall Semester and Plans For The Spring Semester

Allysia Morehouse, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va – ActiveMinds, the Bridgewater College chapter of the national organization, has had a full semester. The club has been coordinating with other peer education groups and centering campus’ the focus on mental health.  

“I think that ActiveMinds can and does really impact the normalization of talking about mental health. ActiveMinds is, at its core, dedicated to stopping the stigma around mental health and encouraging everyone to seek help when they need it.” says club advisor and Director of Student Wellness Shannon Pope.

As for next semester, ActiveMinds anticipates another full schedule dedicated to serving campus by promoting healthy mental states. 

“More events that encourage students to engage with each other and have those difficult conversations would be amazing,” says senior Lily Stonecipher, “Being a member of BCUnited has shown me that we need to uplift and support each other more and I think ActiveMinds does a great job of doing that.”

For more information on ActiveMinds and upcoming meetings, contact the club president and senior Lexia Werner ([email protected]).