African Student Association Returns with Events


Deborah Wakilongo

The African Student Association held “Taste of Africa” on Nov. 20 to showcase African food and music. The event was the largest for the club during the fall semester.

Mackenzie Hammack, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – Bridgewater College’s African Student Association is back this year with goals of making their club stand out, being more active and gaining new members after being virtual last school year.

AFSA is a safe environment for those who appreciate and want to learn more about different cultures,” said junior and AFSA Vice President Janae Ackerman. “This club is never boring, and I always look forward to the club meetings.

The club has been able to host a few events during the fall semester. Their biggest event was “Taste of Africa” on Nov. 20, which showcased a variety of African music and cuisine. Additionally, they hosted a trivia night and bowling outing for members.

“There was no other club on-campus that represented me like this club,” said senior and AFSA President Gemima Matala. “AFSA has allowed me to learn so much more about the African continent. For example, its diverse cultures, the different languages and its history. I look forward to every meeting our e-board hosts. It feels great to come out of our meetings and hear students say ‘today was fun, I learned something new.’”

To learn more about the AFSA and future events, students can find them on Instagram @bc_afsa or on Twitter @BridgewaterAFSA.