Political Clubs On-Campus Looking Ahead to Next Semester


Katelyn Harrison

College Republicans Chairman, senior Jared Browne, speaks to club members at their bi-weekly meeting about rechartering and upcoming events. The club meeting ended with discussions of current events and plans for the Spring semester.

Katelyn Harrison, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – Bridgewater College’s political clubs, which include Virginia 21, Model UN and the College Republicans, are wrapping up the fall semester this week and are looking at plans for Spring 2022. 

Virginia 21 is a state-wide organization that has an active chapter on the Bridgewater College campus. The organization is a non-partisan group who works on advocacy for college students. 

Student Leader recruitment begins Dec. 1,” said senior and Student Leader Kylee Lorio per an email. “All students currently enrolled in a higher education are encouraged to apply.”

Looking ahead for Model UN, the club will be attending the National Model UN Conference in New York this coming April. 

“So I think schools from all over the world will be attending,” said senior Kelly Enis. “It’s not in the UN building, but it’s in New York City.” 

In preparation for the trip, the club will begin training in late February. 

“It’s a pretty slow process, because it’s not until April. As of right now, we just confirmed the number of people going,” said senior Kyana Chery, president of Model UN. “We’re really excited, so we’re gonna start training in late February — which gives us about a month to train.”

For the College Republicans, they are working on submitting their recharter — which includes a list of voting members in the club and a roster of the executive board. Looking to next semester, the club is going to work on outreach activities to do on-campus. 

“We have a few ideas for activities and displays that we would probably do on-campus that we’re kicking around,” said senior Jared Browne, chairman for the College Republicans. “So at the next meeting we’re going to discuss that.”