The Pinion Players Look Ahead


Bridgewater College

Class of 2021 graduate Christina Ludwig and senior Kylee Lorio performing a scene from last year’s play, “The Shape of Things.” The Pinion Players are looking forward to the plays they are producing next semester.

Jaia Dunbar, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – Bridgewater College’s Pinion Players only had one event this year, so they are preparing for the events that next semester will bring.

“We built a photo stand-in for Harrisonburg’s Habitat for Humanity that will be available for use as soon as the store opens, which was really cool,” said senior Kylee Lorio, club president.

Every spring, the seniors that are involved in the Pinion Players have an opportunity to get help from other members of the club to put together their senior capstone projects.  

“I am looking forward to the challenge of directing. I have done almost every other technical role in theatre at some point, aside from outright directing,” said senior Kylie Chisnell.

Senior Elysia Gomez will be directing “A Night of Monologues.” Chisnell will be directing “Death of A Salesman” with assistance from Lorio. Lorio will be directing “American Buffalo” with assistance from senior Shayne Williamson. 

“I am really excited to be able to incorporate elements from my education and really highlight all I’ve learned,” said Chisnell. “This show is one that I have always loved and has really resonated with me. It will be super fun to work with Kylee and all my friends that theatre has brought me.”