Customize Your Morning Sip with The Digital Scholarship Gurus


Steven Roscoe II

The DIY sharpie mug event was the highest attended Digital Scholarship Guru event in two years. 70 students decorated mugs with the DSGs in the Learning Commons on Dec. 2.

Steven Roscoe II, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – On Dec. 2, the Digital Scholarship Gurus were set up at the tables by the entrance of the FLC, where they held their first DIY sharpie mug event. Students were able to come to the library and get some time away from their academics.

Numerous colors of sharpies were set up on the tables for the students to access, as the Gurus handed out mugs to attendees. The idea for the event was that of DSG and senior Elysia Gomez.

“I feel that this event shows students that we’re creative and fun as well,” said junior DSG member Nina Andrews. “As we are Gurus here to help, we are still Bridgewater students like everyone else.”

The DIY sharpie mug event was the best attended DSG event in the last two years. Over 70 mugs were designed by BC students. 

“The Gurus are always so helpful and kind when assisting those who seek them out. I appreciate the way information is broken down and if they do not have the answer, they have pointed me in the right direction,” said first-year Shaneka Francis.

The Gurus do hold events throughout the semester to help students with class projects. Once the spring semester begins, the DSGs are to hold their next event.

On Jan. 12, the Gurus will be hosting a digital organization event in FLC 217. This event will showcase good organization skills that students can utilize to stay ahead of their work in the coming semester and in the workplace.

The Gurus are located in the FLC and are available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the week.