BCSA Announces Chair and Co-Chair


Dolan Nethercutt and Sam Huyard

On Jan. 14, BSCA announced junior Dolan Nethercutt as the new chair and sophomore Katelin Carter as the new co-chair for the organization. Nethercutt is a psychology major and communications minor and Carter is a political science and professional writing double major with a minor in social work.

Katelyn Harrison, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – The Bridgewater College Student Association (BCSA) announced the organization’s new chair, junior Dolan Nethercutt, and co-chair, sophomore Katelin Carter, on Jan. 14. 

BCSA is a variation of student government that will be directly working through clubs on-campus to connect with the student body. 

“Its main goal is to represent the student body and just kind of be a voice for the student body,” said Nethercutt. “So if there is an issue that comes up about whatever, hopefully a student will come to me or come to Katelin, and be like ‘hey this is happening’ and then we can take it from there.” 

The role of the organization’s chair will be to oversee the entirety of the group, plan events, host town halls and manage funds. The co-chair will have similar responsibilities as support for the chair. Both the chair and co-chair will have the ability to approve club events.

The rest of the organization will include five committee heads that will represent groups of clubs on-campus. The committee heads will be chosen in early February. Below the committee heads will be a representative from each club who is chosen by their other club members. 

“The reason why it’s so complex and why I feel like it took so long is because they really wanted to iron out all the kinks, so that it didn’t fail the way the student government did,” said Carter. “It’s such a small school, but there’s such bad communication, and BCSA is trying to fix that.”

The first event for BCSA is a town hall meeting on Jan. 21 from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Great Room of the Forrer Learning Commons. Going forward, there will be town hall meetings on the third Friday of each month. The town halls are open to all students. 

“The idea of the town hall is to just get communication flowing around campus by us communicating events and things, anything important to the committee heads and them communicating that to their clubs, and that’s gonna reach the larger student body,” said Carter. 

If students want to get involved with BCSA, the best way would be through joining a club or organization on-campus. 

“I feel like it is a more efficient way of getting connected with the student body, especially since I had no idea what our previous student government was doing,” said Nethercutt.