The Bridgewater College Admissions Experience


Trey Pratt

For first-year students like Valerie Lutz, the application process was not very long ago. Luckily, the ease of the process left time for looking towards the future.

Trey Pratt, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.-The admissions process is one of the first steps in a person’s college experience, and applying to BC is one of the first things the majority of students have in common.

For some, it was the ease of the process that brought them to this school. Senior Caitlin Vinson said that the process was “simple in comparison to other schools,” with that being a major reason for submitting an application.

For other students, the ease of the process was merely a bonus. Similarly to Vinson, first-year Valerie Lutz agreed. 

“It was pretty straightforward compared to other schools,” said Lutz.

Both students found themselves as part of the Bridgewater College community due to an admissions process that they did not have to struggle through and worry about the small details of. It left them with more time to consider the other details involved in preparing to start college.

As a senior, applications seemed several years ago for Vinson. 

“I remember doing it,” said Vinson, although admitting she did not remember the specific details. 

However, that itself was notable to her because it meant that it had not been stressful enough to create a bad memory or to affect her opinion of the school.  

Students approach college in different ways and at different times. Many steps along the way can be stressful, and it is helpful to those looking towards their futures when some of those steps are straightforward and easy.