FCA Getting Back on Track


Bridgewater FCA / Instagram

FCA members gathered on the campus mall for their weekly “huddle” back in Sept. 2020.

Ronald Robinson, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – The Fellowship of Christian Athletes club at Bridgewater College continues to gather even without a sponsor. 

In previous years, there has been a solid foundation for FCA. There was a constant rotation in the leadership team, decent turnouts for each meeting and a sponsor to help the leadership team. This year, with all the old leaders graduating, FCA is trying to move forward. 

“At first it was stressful and overwhelming. I really didn’t think it would be successful. Luckily, with some previous experience from past years, I knew what to expect and what was successful in the past. So, I just took small steps and stayed patient,” said senior Cara Helbert about taking over leadership of the club. 

 FCA might have low numbers now, but they are working towards growth. 

“I really enjoy how FCA this year emphasizes building community and getting to know all the people that attend,” said junior Mary Ruth Shifflett.

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