Graduate Open House

Certain Masters Programs at BC to Become Hyflex


Dr. Roslyn Vargas

Class of 2021 M.S. in Human Resource Management graduates with Dr. Roslyn Vargas, far right. The program recently announced that classes will be offered as a “hyflex” format which means students can be in-person or online.

Jaia Dunbar, Staff Writer

Bridgewater. Va – On Tuesday, Feb. 15, Bridgewater College’s admissions department and graduate programs hosted a virtual open house for prospective students.

Assistant Director of Admissions for Graduate Recruitment Victoria Hudson introduced the programs involved as well as the heads of each program.

“Bridgewater has a total of four graduate programs – which include a Masters of Science in Athletic Training, Masters of Science in Psychology with a focus on mental health professions, Masters of Science in human resource management and a Masters of Art in digital media strategy,” Hudson.

The directors of those programs are Associate Professor of Health and Human Sciences Chase Hale, Professor of Psychology Alan Eby, Assistant Professor of Economics and Business Administration Roslyn Vargas and Assistant Professor of English Sam Hamilton. 

“We are so glad you were able to take time to join us tonight for our open house,” said Hudson.

During the open house there were only about 15 people in attendance, including some of the directors of each department. Dean for Graduate and Special Programs Jeff Pierson was also in attendance.

After the introductions, Hudson gave more information about the graduate programs overall including admission requirements and fees.

“We do not require the GRE,” said Hudson. “As for financial aid, the M.S. in athletic training accepts the Virginia tuition assistance grant, but outside of that there are no merit-based scholarships.”

Current masters of psychology student Erin Voeghtly said some students, including herself, lucked out in terms of paying for everything.

“There are seven people in our class right now and about four of us have paid internships,” said Voeghtly. “If my internship was not paid, I would definitely be one of those students who also had a job.”

According to Hudson, the M.A. in Digital Media Strategy will move to an online program, pending faculty approval and become one of two programs offering an online aspect. 

“The M.S. in Human Resource Management is in a hyflex format,” said Hudson. “This means that classes will be taught in-person as well as online.”

Eby explained that his program is a practicing degree rather than research-based.

“After completing the program you will have all the skills and requirements needed to start working right after graduation,” said Eby.

Eby also explained that the M.S. in psychology is different from other psychology programs in that the students are preparing to become qualified mental health professionals – and other similar job titles – rather than counselors, therapists and psychologists.

The masters programs allow students to receive hands-on experiences that they would never expect.

“Right now I have an internship with Help Connect America, which I had never heard of before,” said Voeghtly.

The graduate programs seem to be appealing to students that currently attend BC, as well as prospective students from other schools.

“I am really glad that Bridgewater offers a graduate program that interests me,” said sophomore Haleigh Deem. “Not only is it convenient because I already go here, but also because I already know the professors.”