Update on the BREC4BC Program


Sienna Sullivan

For $10, a BREC4BC card grants students free access to skate rentals, indoor tennis, mini-golf, Par-3 and shelter reservations. BC Students can apply for a BREC4BC card either at the Sipe Center Thursdays through Sundays during box office hours or at the Bridgewater Town Hall Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Those who apply for a card at the Town Hall will receive their cards on the same day.

Sienna Sullivan, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – Six months following the establishment of the BREC4BC program, Bridgewater College student participation has been “modest” according to Town Manager Jay Litten.

“I think 13 students have signed up this far,” said Litten.

Last September, when Bridgewater College decided against renewing the Parks & Recreation contract with the Town of Bridgewater, the town established the BREC4BC program for BC students still interested in discounts on resident-exclusive benefits. 

“We haven’t changed the program at all since last year,” said Litten. “Ten dollars still provides free use of mini golf, par 3, tennis center, ice skating rink, and park shelter reservations. The card still expires at the end of the academic year.”

Students of Coach Mike Clark’s exercise science golf class are required to purchase a BREC4BC card as a part of their class materials in order to make use of the Sandy Bottom golf course. 

“Paying out of pocket for the card didn’t bother me with it only being $10 and not having to buy a book for the class,” said junior Kate Deer, who is taking Clark’s golf class this spring. “I do expect to use it in the future for other benefits besides golf such as the free access to ice skating.”

Beyond free access to several recreational attractions around town, the BREC4BC program is a way for students to feel more connected with the people of Bridgewater. 

“The program allows folks to find joy and common ground with people they might not otherwise encounter,” said Litten. “We’re all better off if our neighbors are also our friends.”

The BREC4BC cards do not get anyone into the Sipe Center for free movies anymore. However, if students sign up for Bridgewater Buzz online, they will “get some freebies every month.”