Learning To Be Your Own Boss


Jaia Dunbar

Junior Katie Brooks working on her Shopify website. These websites will help members of Bridgewater College’s CEO club learn the basics of how to run a business.

Jaia Dunbar, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – Bridgewater College’s CEO club held their weekly meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 16 in Bowman Hall. Members of the club, and of the one-credit class, are currently creating their own Shopify websites and selling products to gain business experience. 

Junior Caleb Massie is president of the CEO club and is in charge of all meetings, while Assistant Professor of Business Daniel Finseth moderates the club. 

“We are part of the collegiate entrepreneur organization, which focuses heavily on entrepreneurship, business and marketing,” said Massie.

The focus of the club this semester has been learning about managing a business and implementing real world applicable topics. 

“This semester we are setting up Shopify accounts and learning how to build and market websites, as well as tracking the analytics of our shops,” said Massie.

The club and class members were able to choose different items to sell on their online store that they are creating on Shopify websites.

“I am making a website to sell fragrances for men, women and children,” said first-year Mellser Aguilar Lopez.

Students who want to continue down the entrepreneurial path choose items they want to sell in the future.

“My shopify is going to be for a clothing store that is all inclusive,” said junior Katie Brooks. “It is going to have clothing for all shapes and sizes as well as men, women and gender-neutral clothing.”