Winter Break Part II?

Students weigh in on starting spring break in February


Sienna Sullivan

With this year’s spring break scheduled to start shy of a month before the first day of spring, students weigh in on whether they prefer or abhor an early break start date or not.

Sienna Sullivan, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – Nearly four weeks after Phil declared that winter was here to stay, spring break’s Feb. 25 start date elicits mixed reactions from students. 

“I think it’s annoying that our spring break is so early because it doesn’t align with any of my friends’ spring breaks from other schools – so I can’t really hang out with anyone back in my hometown,” said senior Lily Stonecipher about Bridgewater’s break starting at least a week earlier than surrounding universities. 

For some students, spring break kicking off in March serves as an interruption to their mid-semester flow. 

“I feel like this break is hitting right as I’m getting settled into my semester and my schedule, which kind of throws me off,” said senior Abigail Crawford.

Other students prefer the timing to a break scheduled for later in the semester.

Spring doesn’t start until March 21, so this year’s break is extra early, but I’m not complaining about it,” said junior Jen Chan. “This is the first chance that I get to take a real break and not have to worry about classes or work.”

Several students plan to spend our week-long respite from schoolwork in the springy-est way possible where the temperatures exceed 60 degrees (unlike the weather forecast for Bridgewater this coming week). 

“Since it’s super chilly, my family and I are going to Orlando, Florida, to spend the week and the weather is supposed to be very warm, so I’m super excited,” said senior Hope Jennings who is planning to beat March’s brisk weather by the beach. 

At the end of the day, maybe spring break is coming exactly when we need it most following midterm season. 

“I’ll take spring break whenever it comes,” said senior Lexi Lease. “As long as I’m promised a week away from studying and the constant flow of emails, break starting in February doesn’t sound too bad to me.”