Planning New Events with Educators Rising

Mackenzie Hammack, Staff

Bridgewater, Va. – Educators Rising, a national organization with a chapter for members of the Teacher Education Program at BC, is working on planning community events while attending both state and national conferences this spring.

“We have not had too many events in the last year due to COVID, but this semester our officer team is attending the Virginia state conference for Educators Rising and we will be judging high school projects and lesson plans,” said junior and president of the club Hannah Copp via email. 

The state conference for the organization is being held in McLean, Virginia on March 26. Club members will be judging high school entries into a competition consisting of various categories related to teaching and education.

“We try to focus some of our events on our teacher education students and other events on the outside groups that are either on the campus or outside of the campus,” said Director of Teacher Education and former Educators Rising advisor Gwen Jones. 

In addition to conferences, students within the club have access to advising help, scholarships through the national organization, study sessions during exam week and more. The club works with the community through holding events during homecoming and hosting admitted students and graduates at the end of the spring semester.

The club is also planning a pancake dinner for the wider campus community in April, but a date has not been set yet.

“This club is a great step towards becoming a great educator after graduation,” said Copp.