The Great Community Give

Harrisonburg City and Rockingham County Prepares for Fifth Annual Charity Event


Amanda Bomfim

The Great Community give is a prominent fundraiser in the Harrisonburg City and Rockingham County area. As of now, the community has raised $3,390,214 for over 100 local causes.

Nathan Good, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – The Great Community Give is an initiative founded five years ago by The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County that promotes charitable giving to local causes and non-profit organizations. Every April in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, a sunrise to sunset day of giving takes place. 

This year, The Great Community Give falls on April 20 and is gearing up for the biggest year yet. Since this is the fifth anniversary, the organization has set a goal to raise $1.8 million, making the five-year grand total an even $5 million. 

Non-profit organizations have financially benefited from this charitable event, especially in the past few years.

“During Covid-19, Great Community Give was a huge help to nonprofits that were considering shutting down their services for good,” said Program Officer for The Community Foundation Amanda Bomfim. “Since it first started, GCG has become more than a fundraiser. There are training opportunities for nonprofits, it is an opportunity to create awareness for local causes and it’s an opportunity for the nonprofits to be in a community-wide event.”

The Great Community Give is more than just one day of giving. Community members and local businesses can support the cause earlier by giving $10 or more to their favorite local cause on the organization’s website between April 6 and 20. 

Community members express excitement about supporting their favorite local nonprofits. 

“I like the Wildlife Center of Va and how they use their money towards many different rehabilitation methods for the patients,” said biology major and junior Kailee Eldred. “There are many things that are needed for rehabilitation, like food for patients with complex diets and different medications that they use on them.”

Past community support suggests that The Great Community give has positively impacted local non-profit organizations, and organization members are proud of its success. 

“My experience at The Community Foundation has been incredibly rewarding,” said Bomfim. “For a long time, I wanted to do a job that would make a positive impact on others, and this job does that. Through The Community Foundation, I can make a positive change for many different people.”