Student Ambassadors Lead the Way


Trey Pratt

Senior Annaliese Grove, one of Bridgewater College’s student ambassadors sits in front of Yount Hall. The building houses the Admissions Office where regular campus tours start and end.

Trey Pratt, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – Student Ambassadors use campus tours to highlight the school’s best aspects, to connect with potential students, and to help them make the decision to attend BC by drawing them into the community.

The main purpose of campus tours is to help people learn their way around the school and to show what campus has to offer in terms of dorms and academic buildings, however guides also share “the student experience” which includes “stories and favorite places to go,” said Marybeth Killian, the assistant director of admissions and campus visits.

Student Ambassadors are able to show the school in a different way than a map or a staff member could.

“I think it solidifies why they should come here,” said senior Annaliese Grove, a Student Ambassador. They share “everything you would need to know as a student,” including information about housing, food and the student community.

On an average week, the admissions office sends out between 15 and 20 tours, consisting of potential students and their guests, though “we’re in the season of high schools being on spring break, so we’re getting a lot more,” said Killian.

In addition to giving tours, Student Ambassadors also help with open houses, admitted students days and writing postcards to admitted students.

“It’s fun because you get to connect with people,” said Grove.