BC Football Season Preview

What to Expect from your Eagles in 2022

Emily Wylie, Sports Editor

Bridgewater, Va.- BC football season has arrived and the Eagles, along with head coach Scott Lemn, are preparing to start another year. 

With over 120 players this year and a competitive schedule, Bridgewater football will have to fight hard to earn their place in the ODACs.

“People should expect a new culture and better results than the previous years,” said junior football player Bailey Longo. “We have a group of talented young men that are willing to risk it all for a winning program.” 

Defensive coordinator Mike Giancola and defensive line coach Justin Williamson assist Lemn with his defensive team. 

“Our defense is really anchored on both ends,” said Lemn. “We’ve got a solid secondary and a really solid defensive front. From that side, you’ll see an attacking group, a group that is going to give opposing offensives a lot of different looks and really challenge where they are going to be.”

Special teams, led by assistant coach Kyle Purkey, has three returning kickers this year, one of which with all-conference honors, senior Garret Graves. High competition within the special teams may result in trading kickers in and out this year. 

“I think Jack Hendren is going to receive some all-conference honors in the future,” said Lemn.  “Our other really good kicker named Alex Solorzano keeps Garret on his toes and really makes that punting position very competitive, so they really bring out the best in one another. At this point in the season so far, Garret has continued to hold on to the job, but Alex is pushing him in a big way.” 

The offense will be filled with plans to throw the ball towards the endzone. 

“On our offensive team, our best position is our wide receiver,” said Lemn. “It will be a variety of wide receiver sets and schemes, and they will be pretty heavy in our games for how we can get them the ball.” 

Players from every year will take up time on the field this season. 

“There are some rising sophomores and some first-time starters that I am really excited about, and also linebacker Zach Koller and Jaelan Mathews,” said Lemn. “TJ Lowery is another guy who is going to start playing a more significant role on our team who’s been in the program since 2020, but because of injury hasn’t played a bunch.”

Players with less playing time in 2021-2022 are expected to make more of an appearance as well. 

“Noah Hines is a rising sophomore that has really developed well and has really made that jump from freshman to sophomore year that you hope for,” said Lemn. “He was a promising recruit coming in from high school and now the talent that we saw has been developed, and I think he is ready for the college game. As far as our freshmen go, we have some really talented freshmen on the defensive side. Kyle Beer, Aaron Nice and Amari Presley one on each level.”

“I think our number one strength is our comradery. I think that speaks to the volume of leaders we have on our team as juniors and seniors. You see our players getting along well,” said Lemn

Senior Dylan Maclachlan was elected as team caption for the Eagles this semester.

“We are a fast team, I think our overall team speed is pretty outstanding, and it helps us be competitive,” said Lemn. “I think our overall physicality is going to be improved from last year.” 

The 2022-2023 season is Lemn’s second year signed on as head coach, after being an assistant coach for the Eagles for 11 years. 

“I think for me personally that there are some operational things in games that I can be better in helping to communicate with the coaches,” said Lemn. “Getting more comfortable in the routine of the role.” 

The Eagles are set to play Southern Virginia Saturday, Sept. 10 at 2 p.m. at Bridgewater. They will head in with a 1-0 record for the season after ending 4-6 in 2021.

“I think we will get back to winning ways,” said senior Malcolm Anderson. “Last season was kind of tough for us, but I feel like we’re good enough to get back to being a championship team, so that is what I am looking forward to.”


Note: An earlier version of this story stated the Southern Virginia game as being Sept. 3. Updated on Sept. 10.