Review of Jordan Peele’s ‘NOPE’

Lamont Jones, Staff Writer 

Bridgewater, Va- Writer and director Jordan Peele of the 2017 film “Get Out” and 2019 film “Us” is back with his third original horror film “NOPE”.

‘NOPE’ is neo-western, science-fiction, thriller and horror movie that sees the sibling duo of OJ and Emerald Haywood attempting to solve the mystery of the phenomenon happening inside a cloud in the sky. While they search for answers, Ricky ‘Jupe’ Park, the owner of the western style amusement park ‘Jupiter’s Claim’, attempts to make it an attraction to his amusement park.

In an interview with Director Jordan Peele from TODAY, Peele summarizes the plot of his film as how spectacle can consume people. 

“The first notion I latched on to while I was writing this movie was the idea of making a spectacle, creating something that people would have to see,” said Peele. “This is a society of spectacle, I think the idea of spectacle harms us in many ways, whether it is that we are so obsessed with it, that we give it too much power. Because it has a spectacular nature to it, or it be because we use the spectacle to distract ourselves from the truth,” said Peele.

Viewers of Peele’s work, acknowledge his attention to detail with each theme he applies to the themes of his films. 

“Jordan Peele, the director, is someone a lot more philosophical. Like he thinks a lot about the things that he displays in his movies,” said senior Amere Langley

In the movie, the two siblings are co-owners of their father’s horse training ranch in California. One night, the power to all electronics on the ranch cuts out and OJ goes to investigate the power box and gets a close encounter with the creature Emerald nicknamed ‘Jean Jacket’ and nearly gets sucked into the sky. The duo then make an effort to capture the creature on film and publish it.

Later in the movie the backstory of what happened to Ricky ‘Jupe’ on the set of ‘Gordy’s Home’ is revealed. An incident on the set occured, which led a trained chimpanzee to go feral on the set of production. Ricky managed to hide, but was mentally scared after witnessing it. 

“I think that there was some supernatural force at play during that scene, because it was kinda out of nowhere, the way that the monkey just attacked everyone,” said Langley.

Now he is trying to make it big again by attempting to make ‘Jean Jacket’ an attraction at his amusement park and calls it ‘Star Lasso Experience’.

This part of the film is one of my favorite scenes in the movie. It shows us what Peele means by spectacles that can distract us from the truth and can harm us. 

During the show, Ricky mentions that he had been studying the spectacle for weeks and wanted to show it off to an audience. Once ‘Jean Jacket appears’, everyone at the ‘Star Lasso Experience’ couldn’t take their eyes off it. 

As Jean Jacket was hovering over the show, it opened its mouth while everyone was still staring and began to suck everyone into its mouth and we got a glimpse of what it looked like inside the creature’s belly. Only the bait horse remained after the attack, because it never got distracted by ‘Jean Jacket’.

After this film Peele is not done, as he still has more ideas to bring to cinema. 

“I got more now, I’m not just gonna have one more film, I’ve got more now,” said Peele.

Jordan Peele’s ‘NOPE’ is available to watch now on Amazon Prime Video and on AppleTV+.


Note: An earlier version of this story used “bait house” instead of “bait horse.” Updated on Sept. 26.