Showing Off Students’ Styles

Jessica Arnold, Video Manager

Bridgewater, Va.- While many students head to their classes without putting very much thought into their outfits, the Instagram account @bcvafits has been showing off students who take the extra time and decide to study in style.

The owners of the BC Fits page, seniors Garrett Estep and Courtney Larrick, are resuming their search for fashionable outfits to post to the account after pausing for summer break.

“We go to the FLC, find people and say ‘hey, can I post a picture of you?’” said Estep. “Then we ask them a few questions like what their favorite song is, what inspired their outfit, where they buy their clothes and random other questions.”

The page owners hope that students will enjoy seeing their classmates being recognized, and that people who are posted will feel happy and more confident.

“You see these people in your classes and a lot of the time we want to compliment them and say ‘hey, your outfit is really cool,’ but a lot of the time we don’t get that opportunity,” said senior Beth Gaver, a follower of the account. “It’s really cool to see that there’s an account that focuses on such a mundane thing, especially when we’re so overwhelmed with other things.”

Estep reports that he and co-owner Larrick have been thinking of new types of content to post, along with similar content to last years.

Previously, the page mostly featured photos of students in and around the Flory Learning Commons, but Instagram stories were occasionally made with a photo of a student accompanied by a suggested song.

“The altruistic goal I have for the page is sharing people’s outfits with each other, so if someone comes to class and likes what they wear but no one ever compliments them, maybe one of us will see it and we’ll post it,” said Estep. “Also, we have a goal of helping people be confident in their own body, raising self esteem levels and just sharing a love for clothes.