A Little Bit of Fairy Magic

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  • On Sept. 14, CEAT provided a place outside the FLC for students to take a break during the class day and get creative by making wreaths and fairy gardens. It was “a fun random thing to break up the day,” said sophomore Rory Cantwell.

  • CEAT offers many events throughout the year to engage students. “We meet at the beginning of each semester and plan for the next,” said CEAT member and junior Mae Lotts.

  • “We wanted to cater to what we saw,” Lotts said. “Students really like DIY and the ren faire.” The fairy gardens and wreaths were similar crafts to those that have been offered at previous ren faires while still being unique.

  • CEAT provided a variety of materials for both projects, creating a variety of results. “Everyone has their own artistic ability,” said first-year Liz D’Aurora. “There are a lot of different tools.”

  • Students began crowding the table before the official start time of the event. “I was walking out of Flory and I saw free stuff,” said Cantwell.

  • Whether they arrived in a group or alone, most students engaged with each other while working, such as first-year Sarah Flockhart, junior Jewelia Rodriguez, sophomore Yodit Amine and junior Mayra Mejia.

  • Several students shared ideas and materials as they worked. They were “drawing inspiration from each other,” said D’Aurora.

  • “I thought it would be pretty popular,” said junior Sloane Morton. The supplies were quickly used up, leaving little for late-comers to work with.

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Trey Pratt, Photography Manager