What’s New with Smitty’s Café?


Chiedozie Osundu

Smitty’s Coffee Bringing Community closer together.

Chiedozie Osundu, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va- Local Forrer Learning Commons Smitty’s Café is preparing this month by setting a goal to increase the number of students who come to get coffee. 

What’s New?

  • As of Aug. 30, Smitty’s began serving pumpkin spice and apple crisp lattes. With a new fall drink in the café, students are divided about whether pumpkin spice is in or out for this holiday season. 
  • “It was not bad, and it was not good, but an average pumpkin spice latte,” said senior Kayla Cox.

Why it Matters:

  • It is the unique ability to bring us together that is the defining quality in coffee. For many of us at Bridgewater College it is the first drink in the morning shared with a loved one or the last drink in the evening after a meal out with friends. 
  • “My favorite part of working in Smitty’s every day is the way when serving a cup of coffee to a student or faculty member and seeing them smile,” said first-year Sarah Flockhart who is a barista. “It shows that I have done something nice even though people can classify that as a small thing, but to me, it is a big aspect in my life.”.

What’s Ahead:

  • With changing seasons, students can expect a variety of drinks this winter. 
  • Smitty’s is actively looking to hire more employees going forward. Interested people can apply online and interview for the job.