Pizza and Planning

Class officers host pizza parties and plan class goals

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  • Between Sept. 19 and Sept. 22, the student class officers held pizza parties at the Flory Learning Commons. The class of ‘26 officers held their party on Monday, while the class of ‘25 was on Tuesday, class of ‘24 on Wednesday and class of ‘23 on Thursday. The class officers were asked what they had in store for their classmates this year and how they planned on communicating with them.

  • First-years: Secretary Grace Elder, Vice President Jonah Todd, Treasurer Charlie Hale and President Ryan Briggman. “We have a few ideas; I really want to get a billiard table and some ping pong tables in the freshman dorms, because there’s really nothing to do in the lobbies,” said Briggman. “And I want to put up some QR codes, so people can voice their concerns on something on campus and see if I can help with that,” said Briggman.

  • Sophomores: President Ab Knight, Secretary Elizabeth Melton, Vice President Kinley Woodard and Treasurer Emily Smeds. “ Right now we’re working on the feedback for what they want, and then we’ll go from there,” said Knight. “We’re going to try to do a few more events than the past year we’ve done,” said Melton.

  • Juniors: Treasurer Caroline Griffin, President Bryce Cline and Vice President Molly Louderback. “ I hope to create a more engaging community; something like if someone has issues, we could talk about it. More community gatherings. Something like pring fest. That was really fun, something more like that,” said Cline. “I want us to be really close as a class, I want us to be very connected and feel like we have a friend in one another,” said Louderback.

  • Seniors: Treasurer Nathaniel Allen, President Nina Andrews, Vice President Taylor Shifflett. “We’re currently taking ideas at the pizza party right now, and some of our best ideas so far right now are tailgates for seniors or class versus class games, which can be like flag football or a volleyball game. For senior week, we’re thinking about a water balloon fight,” said Shifflett.

  • “I think it’s good if seniors themselves come out and tell us what they would like to see so that we could make it happen,” said Allen. “We have a class email we will be sending out, and I’m pretty sure we send one out like every month or whenever we’re going to have events like this.” said Allen.

  • Seniors: Juliana Lee, Nathalie Acosta and Nina Andrews. The class officers have an Instagram account for the class of ‘23. The social media account is run to get additional opinions.

  • The student class officers are optimistic with their plans for their respective classes and encourage their classmates’ feedback. They have hopes for an even closer community with fluid communication.

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Lamont Jones , Staff Writer