Student Life and Class Officers Organize Annual Class Pizza Party


Kaia Richardson

Seniors Nina Andrews (Left), Nathaniel Allen (Middle), and Taylor Shifflett (Right) are class officers who strive to help students engage with student life at Bridgewater College. Each Class Officer will help create events and build relationships between students and themselves.

Kaia Richardson, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va- The Class of 2023 prepared for a pizza party outside the Forrer Learning Commons with the help of class officers and student life coordinators continuing on the annual celebration. 

What’s New?

  • Every year, each class is rewarded with a pizza party that is hosted by CEAT and each class officer.
  • Hosting this event was the first of many, and that activity lays the foundation for officers and students to work together to implement new and exciting events for all classes, especially the class of 2023. 

Why it Matters:

  • Representatives such as class officers help build and provide spirit for the whole school. Having a celebration of a pizza party allows students to meet their class officers, hang out with friends and enjoy Domino’s Pizza.
  • “I enjoy meeting the brave students who are willing to be our voices around Bridgewater College. Free food is always a bonus as well, but it is nice to ask questions about their roles and what they plan to do for us,“ said business major and junior Joey Long.
  • Many students are excited to learn what new opportunities and ideas Student Life has.
  • “I am always curious to see what new events and ideas our student life center is going to create. I am in my senior year and I want to make this last year as fun and exciting as possible. These are the last memories I will make with my friends at Bridgewater, and I am excited to see more of the fun events,” said health and exercise science major and senior Jerry Eddy.

What’s Ahead:

  • Class officers are preparing to start work on their first fundraiser of the year to raise money for the senior class, so they can start planning creating fun events and activities for everyone.