The Last Ride for James Yeboah’s Soccer career

Dylan Simpkins, Staff Writer 

Bridgewater, Va.- Heading into his final season, senior James Yeboah, a center-back for the men’s soccer team at Bridgewater College, prepares for his final campaign.

As Yeboah prepares for his last year, he expects to leave nothing behind and wants to go for it all. Yeboah’s teammates say he is a great leader and an example that the other players, or anybody, can learn and share memories from. 

This senior season means everything to me,” said Yeboah. “The upcoming seniors made sure to come in as fit as possible and encouraged the underclassmen as well in our group chats. This has reflected in our match results so far, with us only having one loss. This is significantly better than the previous seasons I have been at Bridgewater.”

The Bridgewater men’s soccer team is 4-2-2 and is off to a strong start to their 2022-2023 season with strong leadership in the back, looking to make a big impact in their upcoming games and the rest of the season. 

The Bridgewater soccer team has scored 19 goals combined in all of their games this season while only giving up 11 goals on the defensive side of the ball. With their strongest and most convincing win over Gallaudet scoring a total of nine goals while giving zero. It was simply a masterclass of play for the Eagles. 

Now that the Eagles are starting ahead in ODAC play and look to continue their great form as a team, and look to take charge towards the ODAC championship. 

Yeboah has played soccer for as long as he can remember. Growing up in Ghana, Yeboah picked up the sport at a very young age.

As a senior on the team, Yeboah has fallen into a leadership role and is willing to offer advice to upcoming student athletes

I would advise other athletes to have a goal in mind and to train towards it,” said Yeboah. “It is also important to have self-discipline, hold yourself accountable and not to be afraid to ask for help if needed because it is very important as a young athlete to have a coachable mindset.” 

“He is a man of character and someone I would follow into battle,” said sophomore Jack Leopold.

Yeboah is majoring in business, and after he graduates would like to find a related career.