Residents Participate in “Decorate Dillon” and Embrace Community


Gianni Maltese

Residents painted wood pumpkins to hang on their doors. This active event in Dillon Hall took place in the first floor lobby.

Gianni Maltese, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- Dillon Hall’s resident advisors foster a sense of community by decorating their doors with painted wooden pumpkin signs in honor of Halloween to liven up for the Fall season.

What’s New?

  • Every month, RAs plan one to two active events for residents in their hall. These events target one of the four RA “Eagles Engage” pillars each month: identity, community, cultural appreciation and critical thinking. 
  • This month, RAs designed an active event focusing on the pillar of community.
  • “Having conversations with new people, I love meeting new people and having the ability to feel like family in my hall, decorating a building for Halloween makes it feel like home,” said first-year Carter Horsbrugh. 

Why it Matters:

  • For many students and RAs, the strong sense of community and collaboration are among the best parts of living on Bridgewater campus. 
  • “My favorite part of being an RA is having conversations with new people. Residents can develop a sense of belonging and take pride in the place they call home for the year thanks to Residential Advisors. It was fantastic to see people working together to give the building a stronger sense of community and to know that they accomplished this together. All students on BC’s lovely campus depend on these services.” said Resident Advisor and sophomore Jude Salisbury.

What’s Ahead:

  • The RAs will be presenting a Halloween-themed movie night in the main lobby for Dillon’s next active event. Residents of Dillon are welcome to visit and prepare their own caramel apples while sipping apple cider.