What’s New with the Forrer Learning Commons?


Chiedozie Osondu

Sophomore Jana Shyti making use of the Forrer Learning Commons’ technology. The Forrer Learning Commons continues to offer a working space with a variety of resources.

Chiedozie Osundu, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- The Forrer Learning Commons plans to continue utilizing the course reserve textbooks, prepare for upcoming book clubs and work with other departments on campus towards a goal of community and unity. 

What’s New?

  • At the start of the new semester, the Forrer Learning Commons again offered the 400 course reserve textbooks to students, which are textbooks designated for specific classes. 
  • “Instead of buying textbooks, it saves students tons of money checking out textbooks from the library,” said Circulation Supervisor Sylvia Jones.

Why it Matters:

  • BC Librarians ensure that textbooks are saved for the future, even as information storage devices and formats change.
  • “I love going to the library because it is a comfortable place to be by myself and alone,” said senior Mercedes Redondo Lopez. “As an international student, it is quite hard to get textbooks to use, so I try to spend as much time in the library and outside the library, checking out books to read for my exams and quizzes.”
  • For some students, the library provides a space for completing class projects and getting work done. 
  • “I must say that the library is one of my favorite places on Earth,” said senior Jordon Brown. “There is no better place to work on any project. Bringing my work to a desk in an isolated corner with nothing but shelves and shelves of books surrounding me is a truly beautiful experience. I would strongly recommend that you try it sometime.”

What’s Ahead:

  • With the changing seasons, students can expect the fire pit outside to be ready for use during the cold months.
  • The Forrer Learning Commons are preparing for upcoming reading and book clubs for students to participate in.
  • They are also looking forward to working with other departments on campus, trying to bring the community together.