Football Dominates Averett 23-16

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  • Sophomore Cedric Drumgoole runs downfield with the ball and scopes out his surroundings. Drumgoole kicked off 34 yards for the Eagles.

  • Senior Malcolm Anderson looks for an open receiver. Anderson had a total of 136 passing yards.

  • Fifth-year Matt Jojokian lines up before the snap. BC had 11 total rushing yards.

  • Junior Zach Koller receives assistance from the coach during a time-out. The Eagles successfully scored during both two-point conversions of the game.

  • Freshman Amari Presley watches Averett’s offensive line. Presley caught the Eagle’s sole interception of the night.

  • Senior Ronald Robinson Jr. jogs to the sidelines for a time-out. Robinson Jr. gained 38 rushing yards for the Eagles.

  • Freshman Montez Green preps for the ball to snap. Green caught 23 receiving yards for the Eagles.

  • The Men’s football team line up head to head with Averett for the snap. The team’s kickoff distance was 12 feet longer than Averett’s.

  • Sophomore Tucker Harris celebrates after he stops an attempted play by Averett. The Eagles had two sacks, pushing back Averett by a total of 14 yards.

  • Junior Tristan Gordon and sophomore Tucker Harris step up to the line of scrimmage. The Eagles only scored during the first and fourth quarters of the game, but were able to secure a win of 23-16.

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Lydia Hart and Emily Wylie