Crop Hunger Walk


Ortez Marshman

A group of students, alumni and community members came together on Oct. 30 for a walk of dedication to those who help end poverty and hunger. The organization began in 1947, and the first organized walk took place in 1969.

Ortez Marshman, Staff Writer

On Sunday, Oct. 30, the Bridgewater Community held a Crop Hunger Walk with a mission to serve those who live in poverty. On Sunday, a group of people gathered for the walk to show their support and thankfulness to the local hunger-fighting agencies and Bridgewater’s inter-church food pantry. 

The Crop Hunger Walk is a national organization that supports the global mission of Church World Services by organizing community walks and fundraising events across the United States. Bridgewater’s chapter of the Crop Hunger Walk has a program where they ask for community donations. 

Nationwide, there are over 14,000 people signed up for the Crop Hunger Walk, with 2,697 teams registered.

The Crop Hunger Walk has made an imprint in the community by attracting students to join them for the cause. Chaplain Robbie Miller works with the church at Bridgewater and advertises the walk every year. 

Many participants of the annual Crop Hunger Walk are community members and Bridgewater College alumni. 

“Over the years, and since the early 2000s, the Crop Walk has grown very popular in the community, as well as with the alumni of the college who live close to the school,” said Adjunct Instructor of Music Kyle Remnant. “I remember this walk used to have a small group of about 10 people.” 

In addition to supporting local hunger-fighting agencies, the Crop Walk serves as an experience for people to walk around the town of Bridgewater and find their way around the outer area of the college. Throughout the walk, there were former students on Main Street watching and waving as the party passed. 

“As an old man that has been around the area for over 30 years, this Crop Walk is something that I just never took for granted, and I will always appreciate,” said Mike Penny ‘72. “I am glad to be a part of the walk, pleased with the church and have been pushing for participation from Bridgewater College and appreciate Robbie Miller and all he has done.”

Participants in the walk were happy with this year’s numbers, but hope for more student engagement in the future. 

“We had 65 people join us in this walk today,” said Remnant. “I hope to continue to be about this walk to really be a part of a great influence in the community, being an alumni from the college. I would really like to get more students to come out and participate.”

Some students find the annual Crop Hunger Walk to be an opportunity to serve within the community and work together as a team. 

“For me, it is a very impactful walk and a great way to get students and the community working together,” said senior Seth Spire. “The fact that it is helping people in Bridgewater as well as around the world get food to eat is a perfect way to be servants in the world.”