Analogue and Digital Photography

A collection by Robert Sulkin is on display

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  • On Nov. 7, the Beverly Perdue Art Gallery opened a photography showcase featuring the work of Robert Sulkin. The gallery will showcase his work in photography and photoshop until Dec. 9.

  • A majority of the work on display in the gallery is in black and white. “I work in black and white, mainly because I’ve done it for so long and in the world of art photography for the longest time in the twentieth century most art photography was in black and white,” said Sulkin.

  • Sulkin’s “Earth Poem” series is a collection of photographs he has taken while traveling, then used to form a cohesive image in photoshop. These photographs are meant to represent geographic locations, but the subject of the image is up to personal interpretation.

  • The “Homage To” series by Sulkin are his interpretations of what celestial objects in space look like. One of the materials used in this series included a black walnut he found outside and scanned it on a computer to use in photoshop.

  • Sulkin was not skilled in photoshop when he first started to incorporate digital works into his portfolio. “I was very slow, because I was in my mid 50s when photoshop came along, and it was a challenge,” said Sulkin.

  • “They give a darker vibe and some of them look antique. It’s really cool how he photoshopped some of the images from random photos,” said junior Sloane Morton.

  • Works from Sulkin’s “Composition” series utilize a view camera to capture images of recycled materials arranged into a sculpture. “In these makings, I often assumed an identity, perhaps of a mad scientist or inventor who has little knowledge of how things actually work,” said Sulkin.

  • Sulkin’s photography is currently open to the public in the Beverly Perdue Art Gallery in the Forrer Learning Commons.

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Lamont Jones, Staff Writer