BCVoice’s Fall 2022 Voices of The Week

Nathan Good, Editor in Chief

Bridgewater, Va.- This semester for BCVoice has been about building a stronger sense of community among our staff and creating an even more collaborative atmosphere for the hardworking writers, broadcasters, editors, web designers, videographers and photographers in the organization. 

This semester, we faced the challenge of being a completely brand-new leadership team, filling the shoes of former BCVoice editor in chief Katie Baker and the rest of the phenomenal 2021-22 leaders. While this came with obstacles, the dedicated staff members this semester alleviated the pressure, and were a wonderful crew to learn with. 

Because of the hard work of the leadership team and staff, BCVoice continues to evolve as the primary source of news for Bridgewater College, covering the things that matter. 

During our weekly BCVoice meeting, a staff member is honored for their noteworthy contributions to the organization. The award is called the Voice of the Week and the recipient is chosen by the student leadership team. 

Junior Gianni Maltese, a communication, technology and culture major, was awarded Voice of The Week for his passionate and engaging sports stories that became a BCVoice staple each publication. Maltese proved to be a fiery writer throughout the semester and took on any challenge we threw his way. 

Senior Lamont Jones, an art major, was selected as Voice of The Week for his one-of-a-kind photo stories. Many weeks, Jones would dominate the headlines with multiple stories and continues to be an essential member of the BCVoice staff. 

Sophomore Bailey Fulk, communication, technology and culture and business administration double major, earned Voice of The Week for her versatility and skill-set. Whether it be uploading stories with the web design team, covering a news story or dabbling in sports, Fulk has proven to be an adaptable and reliable asset to the team. 

Senior Kaia Richardson, communication, technology and culture major, was chosen as Voice of The Week for her commitment to the video team, starring as an interviewer or speaker in many publications. Richardson has also proven to be a versatile member of the team, as she has been involved in writing, broadcasting and videography. 

Junior Kevin Tiffey, communication, technology and culture major, was awarded Voice of The Week for his all-encompassing weekly sports recaps that allowed the organization to cover a greater portion of Eagles sporting events. Tiffey’s articles prove to be detail oriented and an amazing source of information for any BC sports fanatic.

Junior Lydia Hart, digital media arts major, was selected as Voice of The Week for her spirited and powerful start as a staff member. Joining in the middle of the semester, Hart quickly learned the ropes and published two sports photo stories per week, adding depth and diversity to both the sports and photography teams. 

Senior Bryce Heinbaugh, digital media arts major, earned Voice of The Week for his consistency and dedication to the videography team. Heinbaugh never missed a video publication and was more than willing to be an adaptable addition to the staff. 

Sophomore Dylan Simpkins, communication, technology and culture major, was chosen for Voice of The Week for his diverse articles, covering a wide range of Bridgewater sports teams. Whether it was basketball, soccer, swimming or opinion, Simpkins’ approach to writing broadened any BCVoice publication. 

As the 2022 fall semester comes to an end, BCVoice looks forward to the spring when we continue publishing, welcome a new group of staff members and have back our existing team. 

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