Piscataway Nation returns to Bridgewater

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  • On Nov. 19 the Piscataway Nation returned to campus in honor of National Native American History Month. The event was hosted by the Associate Dean of Students – Diversity and Inclusion Gauri Pitale and CEAT.

  • Students and faculty were taught the traditions of the Piscataway Nation, as well as the myths and stereotypes surrounding Native Americans.

  • Not only were Bridgewater students engaged in the event, but families of Bridgewater were as well. Audience members participated in dances and other traditions by the Piscataway nation.

  • Past student and faculty input from the first time the Piscataway Nation visited campus made the diversity and inclusion department invite them back this year.

  • “We really enjoyed their performance last year and heard from the people who attended the event that they wanted to see more performances of the Piscataway Nation dancers and singers,” said Pitale.

  • Senior Vivian Ton was one student who attended the event. “I didn’t go to the event last year, but it was an interesting experience [this year],” said Ton.

  • “We had several students and faculty on campus who told us that this event was fun and educational,” said Pitale. “They enjoyed that the performance was interactive and that they had a chance to meet and speak with the performers at the end of the event. We had several campus community members reach out to us asking if we will be bringing them back this year, and so we did.”

  • ”I thought it was really cool, and I didn’t get to see something like that last year. I’m glad they came back this year,” said senior Elissa Hairston.

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Lamont Jones, Staff Writer