Bridgewater’s Welcome Back Bingo Night

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  • Bridgewater College hosted a welcome back bingo for students on Jan. 14. They had many prizes for students to win, including the main prize being a Nintendo Switch and raffles throughout the night.

  • Senior Janae Ackerman and junior Sloane Morton oversaw student engagement for bingo night. “It gives people a chance to come out of their rooms,” said Ackerman. “Having an event where people can come together regardless of if they have friends or know anyone.”

  • There was a high student turn out at the event. Seiya Nomora was the caller for bingo night and kept the crowd on their toes throughout the evening.

  • Out of the nine bingo prize winners, four of them were on the swim team. “My favorite part of the night was the swimmers winning four of the bingo prizes and one of the raffle prizes,” said sophomore Luke Wintersgill.

  • “My favorite part of bingo night was having the chance to get all the students together, connecting with friends and winning prizes,” said senior Salim Solayman. Junior Katie Gaeth has attended many similar events on campus. “I love the chance to have fun outside the classroom,” said Gaeth. “It gives us a break from school work for some carefree fun.” Pictured: Katie Gaeth far left, Sydney Brammer middle, Salim Solayman far right.

  • Junior Caroline Griffin won a raffle prize on bingo night. “My favorite part of events like this is seeing the student body come together,” said Griffin.

  • Each bingo winner picked a raffle ticket for another student to win. The grand prize was a Bridgewater College raincoat which senior Jaia Dunbar won in the raffle. Pictured: Far left begins with senior Rachel Cubbage, sophomores Keelie Minnick, Maddie Gundler, first-year Amanda White and senior Emily Daigneault on the far right.

  • The room went silent as Seiya called the bingo slots for the Nintendo Switch. The big winner of the night was sophomore Robbie Cobb. “I feel very blessed,” said Cobb. “New year, new me, new switch.” Pictured: Bottom Row Left to Right: Johmae Miller, Ean Helmlinger, Aiden Hellwig, Caroline Griffin, Dolan Nethercut Top Row Left to Right: Robbie Cobb, Lauren Kokoski, Ewan Benjamin, Mackenzie Smith, Luke Winstersgill, Jerry Eddy.

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Bethany Chidlow, Staff Writer