Student Review of The Cracked Pillar


Bailey Fulk

The Cracked Pillar, a restaurant on North Main Street within walking distance to Bridgewater College, serves unique foods, drinks and entertainment. Students go and spend their free time with friends and classmates on the outside patio.

Bailey Fulk, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- The Cracked Pillar is one of the more popular restaurants in Bridgewater, especially attracting students from the college due to its convenient location, lower prices and live music.

Though The Cracked Pillar is known for some of its specialty burgers and appetizers, many of their customers come for reasons other than the food.

“There’s a really friendly atmosphere there and the people are always very welcoming,” said junior Caithlin Rhodes. “There is nothing better than going on a Thursday night with friends and listening to live music.”

With the new semester in action, students can now visit the restaurant on the weekends again, but not all of them choose The Cracked Pillar.

“It’s not always my first choice because I only like to go when it’s not too crowded,” said senior Annie Cusack. “I do like that it’s within walking distance though, so I don’t have to spend money on gas or an Uber.”

Being so close to the college, it creates a sense of community when groups of students and friends go together.

“What I enjoy the most about going to The Cracked Pillar is seeing people who also go to Bridgewater,” said Rhodes. “I tend to go with my friends, and mingling with different groups of people, like people on sports teams and mutual friends, is something I look forward to.”