Generations Park Ice Skating Rink


Melia Ross

Generations Park Ice Skating Rink is open until 8p.m. Monday through Sunday. Each session lasts 90 minutes and more information can be found on the Town of Bridgewater’s website.

Melia Ross, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- Generations Park Ice Skating Rink is highly popular with students of Bridgewater, due to the free tickets for students who show their student ID at the counter, and the friendly, welcoming and fun environment. 

With the location being right next to Magnolia’s Taco and Tequila Bar, friends and families often eat a meal before going to ice skate.

“I love how close it is to Magnolia’s,” said junior Katelyn Wiglesworth. “My friends and I would have a great meal, then go on the rink. Even though we would fall countless times, we all still had a blast.”

Being so close to campus and free for students, the ice skating rink attracts a large amount of members from Bridgewater College and the surrounding community 

“I love ice skating at Generations Park Ice Skating Rink with my friends. It’s so fun to take a break from school and go ice skating with your friends,” said junior Katie Roach. “I think it’s funny to watch everyone stumble on the ice when they first get on”.

In addition to one-time tickets, the ice skating rink also offers an ice skating academy and private parties. The last day of the 2023 season will be March 5.