Fashion Trends: The Terrific and the Terrible



Clothing trends speed in and out of stores and wardrobes quickly, and opinions on this type of clothing can vary between audiences.

Jessica Arnold, Video Manager

Bridgewater, Va. –  Clothing trends are always rapidly changing, and while some trends become popular and widely well received, there will always be people who dislike them and prefer less popular or more classic fashion choices. 

While flare pants have recently come back into trend, especially flared jeans and leggings, senior Olivia Harrison does not like them very much. 

“I don’t like the trend of flare pants,” said Harrison. “It’s just not my style.” 

Senior Lauren Kronzer shares a similar opinion about the rise in popularity of ballerina flats.

“I’ve seen them a lot more recently and they are just not my favorite,” said Kronzer. “But of course, if that’s your fave, then rock them.”

While those trends are not a good fit for them, they do enjoy some other popular fashion staples. 

“I like the trend of oversized clothing,” said Harrison. “Especially when it comes to oversized sweaters. I also really like mom jeans.” 

Some current trends that Kronzer enjoys include corsets and long skirts. 

“I personally have loved that long skirts are still trendy this season,” said Kronzer. “I think this is such a cute style and can be dressed up and down so well.”

Harrison prefers to keep her closet full of the essentials and sit out on what is popular.

“I like to keep items I’ll like and wear for many years,” said Harrison, “I really only buy simple tees, sweaters, flannels and jeans.”

While these items are popular now, soon there will be a new trend that takes the fashion world by storm and shifts what items are filling shelves and wardrobes. 

“I feel like it’s always best to take them with a grain of salt,” said Kronzer. “You can always try to take these trends and make them your own or wear them as intended.”