Take a Seat at the Harvest Table

New Cafe Makes its Debut to the Valley


Bailey Fulk

Harvest Table is a coffee shop located in Dayton that opened back in October. The “glory days” sign represents the inspiration and purpose behind the coffee shop’s establishment.

Bailey Fulk, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- Harvest Table, a coffee shop in Dayton that opened their doors in October, was brought to life in a unique way and provides customers with a comfortable gathering place.

Blake and Belinda Koteita, owners of Harvest Table, were originally inspired four years ago to open up a food-based business.

“My wife and I had been feeling from the Lord that we were meant to have a place, and I had a dream about it, too,” said Blake Koteita. “We knew from the start that we wanted to do coffee and, the way my wife can cook, there was also going to be some pastries and lighter food.”

The shop’s “glory days” motto ties into the couple’s strong faith and desire to create a connected and welcoming community.

“It’s nice to connect with people while working here,” said employee Micala Curry. “I’m able to sit down and have a conversation with people rather than rushing around serving tables. There’s a lot of different people who come in here, so you meet someone new everyday.”

Harvest Table goes the extra mile to ensure they serve the best quality coffee to their customers.

“We scale and weigh our coffee everyday,” said Koteita. “Compared to going to Starbucks, they have automatic espresso machines, so they’re not necessarily getting the right grind down to get the best extraction and bring out as much flavor as possible.”

The business just purchased Grammie’s Ice Cream, an ice cream shop next door, and they plan on using that space and the parking lot to host large events.

“I would love to get a blow up projector and host movie nights in the summer for kids and families. We will possibly have live music at some point,” said Koteita.