Women’s Lacrosse Season Opener to Hood College


Bridgewater Eagles Athletics

The Eagles came close to defeating Hood College in a neck-to-neck game. Senior Madeline Magil helped boost the score of the Eagles with two goals.

Melia Ross, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- On Wednesday, Feb. 22, The Bridgewater women’s lacrosse team lost to Hood College after a neck-and-neck game.

The Bridgewater versus Hood game had a close three point margin finish, with the final score of 15-12.

The game started with the first goal of the season from junior Kaity Petersheim to make the score 1-0 for the Eagles. 

The Blazers then went on to score three goals until junior Madeline Magil took the ball back and scored a goal to make the score 3-2.

After Hood scored another goal, Petersheim scored two in response, the second with an assist from junior Aunnie Hacker.

The first period ended with a score of 4-4. 

“Kaity Petersheim has four goals now, which is great,” said junior spectator Hayden Gourley. “Lauren Roberts has really been playing well. It is cool to see her leadership step up out there.”

Junior Lauren Roberts snatched another goal, having the Eagles up ahead by a score of 5-4.

After a goal by Hood, the Eagles scored two more goals. The first goal, made by senior Annika Benson, assisted by senior Magil, and the second, a non-assisted goal, from Roberts to conclude the second period.

“We proved to ourselves in that game that we can do these things and be a competitive team,” said Roberts. “Our first game helped grow our confidence for our upcoming season. And I’m excited to see on those 50/50 games that we will be the team to come out with the win.”

Petersheim started off the third quarter with her fourth and final goal in the game and put the Eagles ahead with a score of 8-7.

“The first game of the season is going pretty solid,” said freshman spectator Ian Cook. “There are obviously some things we can improve on like communication on defense, but overall it is going pretty well”.

Hood went on to score four goals in a row until Roberts took back the power on the field to score a goal and make the score 12-11 in favor of Hood.

The Eagles eventually tied with a score of 12-12 after a goal from Magil, assisted by Roberts.

Hood went on to score three more goals and ended in 15-12 for the final score of the game.

“Our first game of the season may not have been the final result we wanted to see, but we won a lot of other things as a team that were not shown on the scoreboard,” said Roberts. “We have been working on many different things in practice, such as our ride, defense and taking more risks.” 

The next game for the Eagles will at home against Marymount on March 9 at 4 p.m.