Headshot AI Generators Versus Guru Services


Nathan Good

Getting the perfect headshot can be a tedious and stressful process for young professionals. Bridgewater students can utilize the Digital Scholarship Gurus’ services for free.

Nathan Good, Editor in Chief

Bridgewater, Va.- AI generators like Try it On AI have begun selling “professional studio quality headshots” based on user-provided photos. While these AIs are trending, the Digital Scholarship Gurus also offer headshots on campus for free. 

While some AI photo generators offer services at no cost, others require joining a waitlist, starting a subscription or paying a fee. The majority of headshot-related AI generators offer headshots in bulk for prices ranging from $8 to $30. 

“They look good, but they also don’t look real,” said senior Anton Kopti, a Digital Scholarship Guru. “That’s not really professional.”

According to BuzzFeed News Reporter Kelsey Weekman, people are raising concerns that AI photo generator websites and apps are a threat to data, intellectual property and identity brewing. Additionally, Weekman reports that others disapprove because these apps compete with artists and photographers. 

“As technology evolves, humans try to adapt to the new everyday life,” said first-year Maria Gavriilidou, a Digital Scholarship Guru. “Artificial intelligence is a discovery that can be characterized as quite demanding because for its proper use, people must study the mode of operation and the possible effects.”

Career Development and the Digital Scholarship Gurus team up multiple times a semester to offer LinkedIn headshot events for Bridgewater students. During these events, the Gurus offer free professional headshot and editing services in the Forrer Learning Commons.

“The Gurus provide headshots for free, and we edit them as well,” said Kopti. “You can get a LinkedIn headshot, or you could get a headshot outside when it’s cloudy with Bridgewater scenery.”

In addition to these events, the Gurus offer headshot services throughout the year by appointment on the Penji app. 

“The Gurus specialize in several fields of technology, so I would suggest that it would be beneficial if students asked for help from people who specialize or have more knowledge in a specific field,” said Gavriilidou.

There are several upcoming LinkedIn headshot events this semester, including on March 22 and April 11 from 3-5 p.m. 

“My opinion on AI is to not fear it, but to embrace it and utilize it in a way that is ethical,” said Kopti. “At the same time, use it to help with your workload.”