Sugar and Bean: A Student and Community Favorite


Sugar and Bean

Sugar and Bean is a coffee shop located in Main Street in Bridgewater and serves a variety of meals and drinks. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and the month of March, the shop served green and mint themed food and drink items, including their Andes chocolate mint cake.

Bailey Fulk, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va- Local coffee shop and bakery Sugar and Bean is a hotspot for students to step away from campus and get work done while enjoying the shop’s food and drink options.

Sugar and Bean houses a welcoming atmosphere that invites students to gather and talk, relax or study.

“I always enjoy going to Sugar and Bean with my friends because it’s a good way for us to step away from homework for a while and catch up. We like to go on walks on the weekends and stop by on our way back to campus,” said junior Katie Roach.

Since opening its door in the heart of Bridgewater in February 2020, Sugar and Bean has been a place of community and comfort for all of its customers.

“From the start, it’s been such a wonderful place to go to after work or on the weekends. They are always so respectful and caring towards every customer. It’s my favorite place to go to,” said community member Tina Propst.

The coffee shops feature original creations such as homemade desserts and bread, as well as breakfast and lunch items named after Bridgewater’s park and street names.

“They always have the best food options whenever I go in, and they usually have a different special every time. The food is so unique, and you can’t get anything like it anywhere else,” said Roach.

Always making sure they’re up with the current trends, Sugar and Bean has season-specific options and new items rotating in.

“Right now they have a lot of March and St. Patrick’s Day items that are mint, which is my favorite. I love all the coffee options they have as well, especially in the fall,” said Propst.