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Bridgewater student’s May Terms, study abroad trips and personal travels

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  • Junior Aidan Keller is currently studying abroad in Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay. “Puerta de la Ciudadela in Montevideo, Uruguay is one of the few remaining parts of the citadel that was destroyed in the early 1800s when Uruguay became independent,” said Keller. “I am currently spending the Spring 2023 semester here, from February to August, and studying at Universidad Católica del Uruguay.”

  • As part of the marine ecology course in May 2022, senior Brittany Brooks traveled to Quito, Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands. “For my May Term, I went to Quito, Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands,” said Brooks. “This picture is of me standing on the equator. There, we did different activities to see what’s different on either hemisphere or on the equator.”

  • Senior Kailee Eldred stayed relatively local during her 2022 May Term, taking a field botany course with Associate Professor of Biology Edgar Lickey. “These pictures were taken in May 2022 for the field botany course taught by Dr. Lickey,” said Eldred. “In this class, we traveled around the Blue Ridge Mountains, campus and even West Virginia to identify and collect plants for BC’s botany collection. This photo was taken on a trail in Mount Solon, Va.

  • On the field botany course, Eldred also visited a lakeside in Hinton, Va., which is located 15 minutes outside of Bridgewater.

  • Senior YunSu Park was an international student at Bridgewater College during the Spring and Fall 2022 semesters. “I participated in the Guinness World Records, which is the largest taekwondo display, with my taekwondo teammates in South Korea,” said Park.

  • Returning to South Korea after the Fall 2022 semester, Park has been making memories beyond Bridgewater College. “I went hiking with my friend and her dog in South Korea. It took about three hours and I also had a small snack at the mountain top.”

  • Sophomore Jessica Jacobs traveled with the Screaming Eagles Marching Band to London during winter break. “This is the marching band during winter break when we traveled to London for the London New Year’s Day parade,” said Jacobs.

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Nina Andrews, Social Media Manager

In collaboration with BCVoice’s Eagles Around the World publication, Bridgewater students were encouraged to submit their photos from May Terms, study abroad trips and personal travels.