The Environmental Science Club Plans for the Future


Lily O’Brien

The environmental science club held an event where faculty presented their research, which allowed students to learn more about research opportunities. The club has a focus on both the campus and wider community.

Mackenzie Hammack, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- As the environmental science club is getting ready for the end of the semester, the club is also making preparations for next school year.

The environmental science club is getting ready for the end of the semester by focusing on the ways in which they will expand and improve the club next year.

“I am excited about the opportunities that we have built this year with other schools and representatives in the area, so we can expand and have more opportunities as a club in the upcoming semester,” said junior Lily O’Brien, who manages the club’s social media.

The environmental science club hosts a variety of events, including study breaks, birding walks, research presentations and more. The club has a focus on both making connections between students on campus and a focus on environmental activism within the community.

“I like everything about the club,” said sophomore Rachael Myers, who is currently co-president. Myers emphasized that one of her favorite parts of the club is the community.

In the future, the club hopes to partner with other schools, such as JMU and organizations in the area. The club also plans to continue holding a variety of events for its members next semester.