D.C. Flory’s Birthday Bash

A Founder’s Day Celebration in the KCC


Ortez Marshman

D.C. Flory’s Birthday Bash featured food, balloons and games for the many students and faculty present in the KCC for the events.

Ortez Marshman, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- Bridgewater College celebrated Founder’s Day on Tuesday, April 4, which was followed by D.C. Flory’s Birthday Bash in the KCC from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The celebration included prizes, games, lunch and cake.

The birthday bash was in honor of D.C. Flory, the founder of Bridgewater College. Flory’s birthday was April 3, 1854, and Founder’s Day is celebrated on the first Tuesday of April annually. 

Founder’s Day is a tradition on the Bridgewater College campus, with its observance beginning in 1920. This year, Student Life hosted the Flory-themed celebration to follow the ceremony in Nininger Hall. 

“It’s been really good,” said first-year Jary James. “I’m seeing a lot of interaction in the BC community. They are giving out free stuff and there is free food. I think that everyone is engaged, and it has been a blast.”

The available food at the event included salads, chicken pasta, soups and vegetables. There were also celebratory desserts in honor of Flory’s birthday.

In addition to the food and desserts, there were decorations around the dining hall, such as balloons.

“It is cool since it really brings out campus engagement with fun games and stuff. The food looks pretty good, and they are passing out shirts, blankets and balloons,” said senior Shawn Harris.

The birthday bash also hosted bingo games where the winner got a prize. The games increased student engagement at the event, as students competed to win. 

“It was fun playing bingo, because I got to meet some new people,” said sophomore Justin Dobb. “The games were fun because I am a commuter and I don’t get to enjoy campus events that often, so it was fun to get to be around everybody. The food was good and I won a shirt. It was a really fun experience,” said sophomore Justin Dobb.

Student Life hosted this event, which even featured “Flory” dressed up and in-person.

“It was super cool,” said first-year Charlie Hale. “I think Student Life did a great job with getting everything set up, and the dining services did a great job providing the food. This was probably one of my most favorite events that Student Life has done at Bridgewater.”