BC’s Take on Spotify versus Apple Music


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Spotify and Apple Music are the two music streaming services of choice for most people. They both offer a different experience for the users of their platform. File name: Spotify Vs Apple Music

Lamont Jones, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- Bridgewater students share their opinion on which music platform, between Spotify and Apple Music, is worth the download and the monthly price.

Sophomore Chassidy King uses Apple Music and believes that is better because it already comes pre-downloaded to the iPhone.

“It’s the versatility of already coming on the phone,” said King. 

With Apple Music, King receives a playlist of all of her most replayed songs at the end of the year.

“At the end of the year, it takes all of your most replayed songs and makes a playlist out of it,” said King. 

Junior Talvis Robinson believes that Spotify is better because it is more user-friendly than Apple Music and easier to navigate.

“It’s easier to queue a song, create playlists and to know all the settings of the app as compared to Apple Music,” said Robinson. “I feel like you just find stuff out as you use it.”

According to Business Insider, Spotify and Apple Music are the top two available music streaming services.

Spotify costs $9.99 per month while Apple Music costs $10.99 per month.

Robinson believes that your choice in music platform “depends on your income, what you’re looking for and what type of plan you have.” 

Both services offer music streaming on the computer and on mobile.