Mental Health Apps for Bridgewater Students 


Emily Wylie

Headspace is one of the recommended mental health apps provided by Counseling Services. Headspace is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Allison Burris, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- The spring 2023 semester is coming to a close, and students will soon be off campus between the months of May and August. Despite the break ahead, mental health resource apps are available for students to use.

On the “Student Life” page of myBC, there is a tab for Counseling Services. On the “Self Help Apps” tab, there are mobile apps offering a variety of mental health resources. 

The first section includes self-help apps such as Headspace and Calm. These apps provide guided meditation, breathing exercises, visualization and soundscapes to help the user slow down and breathe through tough times. 

“Headspace is a great tool for me to use when life gets super busy. It’s hard to remember to slow down sometimes, and Headspace is a quick and easy way to take a deep breath,” said senior Annika Benson.

The next section includes apps regarding general health and wellness. Apps like Mango can help remind you to take medication or help you track your mood, while apps like ThinkUp provides the user with positive daily affirmations.

The following section includes apps to help with relaxation and sleep. Apps like Sleep Timer help the user wake up during their lightest stage of sleep.

The next two sections include information on apps regarding topics such as self-harm, mood and recovery. These sections combine to provide twelve different apps offering support with these topics. 

The page finishes with anxiety and LGBTQ+ apps that help the user create a safe, supporting community. The anxiety section provides apps including PTSD and panic attack support.

These apps are important to keep in mind when on-campus resources are not as available for students. 

“Some of these apps are great to use after a yoga session to close out a calming workout and get in the right mindset. I would recommend looking into these apps if you are struggling in any way,” said senior Kelli Mullen.