Voice Your Opinion to the KCC

Monthly Meetings Held to Receive Student Feedback


Allysia Morehouse

Want your favorite meals? Come to the KCC feedback meetings the first Wednesday of each month to voice your opinion.

Carla Rivera, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – Geordan Duncan, general manager of the KCC dining hall, said that they have and will continue to host meetings in the lobby of the dining hall the first Wednesday of every month at 3 p.m. 

In these meetings, students are more than welcome to attend and express their opinions, likes, dislikes and constructive criticism to the dining staff. 

“It’s a matter of voicing feedback,” said Duncan. 

“I didn’t even know that the ‘K’ had committee meetings where we could go and voice our opinions,” said junior Taylor Shifflett. “I will definitely be attending the next one.”

Last week the KCC Instagram page (@bridgewatercollegedining) asked their students what they would like for this upcoming week. The account received messages about bringing back student favorites. According to Duncan, this is what she looks forward to — students being engaged and informing the staff on what they want to eat. 

Duncan said that the last week of each month will be student choices. This means that students should send suggestions to the KCC via their Instagram page. During this student choice week, the menu will be posted and student favorites will be bolded or highlighted. 

Recent changes to the KCC menu and operating hours have shown an increase in comments from students showing their displeasure with the adjustments. These monthly meetings are an opportunity for students to take control over their menu.

Students can also come to these meetings with concerns about the food being provided at the KCC. 

“I went to the ‘K’ after practice and got my usual chicken tenders,” said junior Derrick Jenkins. “When I went to the sandwich station and cut the chicken tender, the inside was pink and raw. I went to the grill two more times and received raw chicken again.”

Duncan followed up by speaking to the new grill station employee, who was still in training, about properly cooking chicken. 

Duncan reiterated that the KCC has the flexibility to make various foods, but it is a matter of students giving them suggestions of the food they want. 

Any updates with food, or weekly menus can be found on the KCC Instagram page. The Instagram account also informs students on when meetings will be held.