Open BCSA Positions Need Filling


BC Student Life

BCSA’s Chair Dolan Nethercutt, junior, is hosting a second town hall to connect with students this Friday. “It’s a space for students to connect with him about concerns or questions that they have about the organization or if they want to get involved,” said Samantha Huyard, coordinator of student engagement and leadership.

Katelyn Harrison, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – Bridgewater College Student Association (BCSA) is searching to fill their open co-chair position, as well as committee head positions, while planning programming for Chair Dolan Nethercutt, junior, to connect with students. 

Since the events of Feb. 1, BCSA halted the application process for filling positions within the organization, but is now starting back. With Katelin Carter, sophomore, stepping down from the co-chair position, applications have opened up for students to apply for the position. Carter declined via email to give a statement as to her decision. 

“So we did an internal tap first to the reps and it’s been posted to myBC, so we’re working towards filling that position, but nothing as of this point has come of that yet,” said Samantha Huyard, formerly Samantha Schlernitzauer, coordinator of student engagement and leadership.  

“I think we are definitely on track to getting a co-chair before things start getting crazy,” said Nethercutt. “I really do hope that we get a co-chair before things really start moving forward.” 

If students are interested in applying for the co-chair position, they can apply here. The co-chair position has similar responsibilities to the chair in hosting town halls, planning events and managing funds, but works at the direction of the chair. 

Moving forward, BCSA is hosting a town hall this Friday, Feb. 18, starting at 3 p.m. in the KCC Lobby. This town hall will be an informal discussion with refreshments, according to Huyard. 

“It definitely makes sense right now, we’re not really in a position where we can hold a formal town hall,” said Nethercutt. “We don’t have really anything prepared, we don’t even have all of our representatives, we don’t have committee heads, we don’t even have a co-chair right now – so I think the decision to keep it informal is definitely a good one.”