BC Coffee House Done a Little Different

BC Goes Acoustic

Drake Wanshon, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- The BC Coffee House event was an event put together by Eagle Productions. The original plan from the post on MyBC was to have some acoustic acts perform from poetry to music but the event was slightly different.

It seemed the event had no success in drawing out artists to perform at the coffee house, but the coordinators kept their word on doughnuts and coffee which brought a decent amount of students in.

Rather than having live music and interactive things to drive the audience Eagle Productions improvised and used another source of music playing some popular songs across all genres, they even played “Baby Shark.”

Amid the music, Krispy Kreme doughnuts and fresh brewed coffee there were many people grouped together enjoying their time by playing some notoriously popular board games with Clue and Uno being out there.

Aside from all the things the Eagle Production crew put together what they possibly least expected was the wide range of people who showed up to their event. It shifted more from a coffee house event to an event where you could meet new likeminded people who shared similar hobbies. It was less of an experience to see live performances than an event to just meet some fellow students.

Seth Gately, a Bridgewater College sophomore, said, “This isn’t something I would typically go to but it’s something I really enjoyed because it was a different viewpoint on the college and the people here. Also, the coffee was great, definitely taking a cup to go.”

Seth wasn’t the only one that viewed the event the same way though. A Bridgewater senior Jonathan McDaniel had a similar stance.

“It was a good time to meet people and talk to them about what they liked and just an overall good time.”

With all this being shared about the event even though it didn’t go as planned with the acoustic performances, Eagle Productions still made this night into a successful time.