Celebrating BCVoice Spring 2023


Bailey Fulk

A photo of the leadership team for the 2022-23 academic year. Bowman Hall is where BCVoice held their weekly Monday evening meetings.

Nathan Good, Editor in Chief

Bridgewater, Va.- With seven seniors on the leadership team and incoming changes for the organization, this semester was, for many of us, a farewell to BCVoice. This goodbye also comes with excitement for the promising future of the organization, as well as a celebration of what Bridgewater students accomplished. 

The spring 2023 semester of BCVoice was full of impactful stories, photos, videos and radio shows. Our group is small but mighty, with weekly publications with as many as 20 stories some weeks. 

BCVoice remains the primary news source for all things Bridgewater College thanks to the hard word of the leadership team and the reporting staff. 

Voices of the Week

During our weekly BCVoice meeting, a staff member is honored for their noteworthy contributions to the organization. The award is called the Voice of the Week and the recipient is chosen by the student leadership team. 

Senior Kaia Richardson, a communication, technology and culture major, was selected as Voice of the Week for her enthusiastic contributions to the video team. Richardson has interviewed many students around Bridgewater in order to provide fun and informative content to the website and other social media channels.

Senior Allison Burris, a business administration major, earned Voice of the Week for her impactful start as a first-semester BCVoice staff writer. Burris’ versatile sports articles and recaps added depth to our weekly publications and aided in more sports teams being highlighted.

Senior Mackenzie Hammack, a professional writing and English double major, was chosen as Voice of the Week for her versatile writing skills and commitment to telling important stories on campus. This semester, Hammack had an impressive variety of contributions, including news stories, A&E articles and an editorial.

Senior Katelyn Harrison, a history and political science major, was awarded Voice of the Week for her effective story-telling and reporting of significant on-campus events. Covering endowed lectures and contributing to “Eagles Around the World,” this semester’s special publication, Harrison’s reliability within the organization is hard to match. 

Sophomore Ben Miller, a history and political science major, was selected as Voice of the Week for his unwavering dedication to the video team. Miller participated in five videos this semester, bringing quality interviewing and personality to each one. 

Junior Bethany Chidlow, a communication, technology and culture major, earned Voice of the Week for her eagerness and adaptability during her debut semester in BCVoice. Chidlow added to each publication with her diverse coverage of A&E, including through her “Music in the Valley” beat. 

Senior Rashed Alfarra, a computer science major, was chosen as Voice of the Week for his dependability and weekly contributions to the radio broadcast on Instagram Live. Covering a variety of news, sports and culture, Alfarra was a pivotal member of the spring 2023 radio team.

Sophomore Melia Ross, a digital media arts and communication, technology and culture double major, was selected as Voice of the Week for her purposeful coverage of sports, as well as her creative “Things to Do in the Valley” beat. Ross’ focus on lacrosse helped the sports team thrive this semester. 

Sophomore Bailey Fulk, a business administration and communication, technology and culture double major, earned Voice of the Week for her imperative contributions to the web design team throughout the semester. Fulk ensured that articles, photo stories and radio shows were uploaded to the website each week, including during the special publication. 

Voice of the Year

At the end of the semester, the leadership team is tasked with the important decision of deciding the Voice of the Year. This title goes to the student who has made the most impactful, effortful and unmatched contributions to the organization across both fall and spring semesters. This is the highest honor given to BCVoice staff and is determined through the upmost thought and consideration. 

Senior Lamont Jones, an art major, was awarded Voice of the Year for his commitment to providing meaningful photo stories to our weekly publications, which transformed the A&E headlines each week. Whether it was capturing photos at events or completing photo requests for other staff writers’ stories, Jones’ contributions enriched the website’s presentation and level of professionalism. Jones is a creative, intentional and deadline-driven photojournalist who tells meaningful and compelling stories through his work.

Lamont, congratulations on this well-deserved honor. I appreciate your endless contributions to the organization, and I am certain you will continue being an incredible asset to any organization or team after graduating from Bridgewater College. 

Leadership Acknowledgement

The dedication of the leadership team is what keeps the organization running smoothly and allows BCVoice to be considered a student-run news organization. Being entirely new leadership for the 2022-23 academic year, the dedicated team ensured a successful continuation of BCVoice, and allowed it to prosper under their guidance and contributions. 

Senior communication, technology and culture major Nina Andrews is our social media manager. She dramatically increased our social media presence during her time with the organization. Andrew’s graphic design skills created a strong brand for BCVoice and kept the organization active and well-known across Instagram. She also uploaded stories assisting in weekly web publication. 

Senior communication, technology and culture major Jessica Arnold is our video manager, and managed the filming and editing process of all BCVoice videos. In addition to creating meaningful content all around campus, Arnold also pioneered a TikTok account for the organization this semester, increasing our social media presence. 

News Editor Jaia Dunbar is a senior psychology major who put in countless hours each publication to guarantee that articles were up to journalistic standards, all while mentoring students and participating in the writing process. Dunbar’s work ensured each article was newsworthy and followed AP-style guidelines, further contributing to BCVoice’s reputation and credibility. 

Web Editor Abby Gaver is a senior computer science major who worked diligently each week to populate the website with our weekly publications. Gaver worked around the clock to ensure success for the organization, including working with the special publication, creating artwork for the website and mentoring other students. 

Radio Manager Albert Mensah is a senior business administration major who provided top-notch weekly radio shows that were pivotal to BCVoice’s identity as a student-run news organization. Mensah’s editing and production skills, as well as his on-air charisma, ensured entertainment and quality each week. 

Photography Manager Trey Pratt is a senior English and professional writing double major whose leadership and personal contributions ensured for an incredibly successful photography team. Pratt’s skillful photography and dedication to taking photo requests and staff headshots populated the website’s homepage and staff biographies with professional quality photos. 

Junior English and professional writing double major Emily Wylie is our sports editor, and successfully headed the largest BCVoice team through her incredible leadership, as well as her knowledge of effective news writing. Wylie’s reliability and commitment to BCVoice is hard to deny, and is visible through her many contributions to the website. 

Finally, none of this would have been possible without the guidance of Practitioner in Residence of Communication Studies Ady Dewey, BCVoice advisor. Through her leadership and vision, Dewey has fostered an incredible organization, as well as an environment where students gain valuable, practical skills in the fields of journalism and beyond.

With the help of Dewey, I have gained a passion for journalism, as well as writing and leadership skills. 

Professor Dewey, thank you for trusting me with BCVoice the past year, and thank you for all the guidance you have given me, as well as every student in the organization. Being part of BCVoice has opened me up to countless opportunities and invaluable experiences I would never have had otherwise. 

As the organization transfers to the more-than-capable hands of Associate Professor of Communication Studies Michele Clark, I foresee nothing but the best for BCVoice’s future, and appreciate Dewey’s transformative contributions to the organization throughout her time as advisor.