The BC Drag Show Returns to Campus

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  • On Friday, April 14, the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion partnered with BC Allies to host the return of the BC Drag Show.

  • Some students who missed the BC Drag show last time enjoyed the opportunity of coming this year. “I missed it last year, so I’m glad I got to come this year,” said junior JT Francis. “Oh my god, it was amazing.”

  • Audience members who sat in the front rows of Cole Hall were able to interact with the queens during the show. Sophomore Jay Riley was given one of the queens’ hats to wear after it fell off their head.

  • Audience members at the front were able to give the queens dollar bills during their performance, dance with them and even get on stage to become a part of the show.

  • Audience members who were not able to sit at the bottom still enjoyed watching the show. “I sat at the top, but I really did enjoy watching,” said senior Hunter Sloan.

  • Students compared the Drag Show to Bingo in the KCC, and the Drag Show seemed to be louder and gained more attendance. “I think there were more people, and it was louder than bingo,” said Francis.

  • Toward the end of the show, Associate Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion Gauri Pitale was brought on stage and was given a standing ovation for her contributions to the event. Pitale also announced to the crowd that the Drag Show will be returning again next year.

  • Students enjoyed Pitale’s announcement of the show returning next year. “I think that it’s a perfect tradition,” said Sloan.

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Lamont Jones, Staff Writer