Review of “Persona: The Dark Truth Behind Personality Tests”

HBO Max Documentary Tackles Obsession With Personality Tests



The new HBO max documentar “Persona: The Dark Truth Behind Personality Tests,” talks about the hard truth and history of personality tests. Companies are using them to weed out workers that do not fit well based on their test results.

Molly Lynch, Staff Writer

Stafford, Va.  – HBO Max recently released a new documentary, “Persona: The Dark Truth Behind Personality Tests” — which is about the danger of personality tests and how companies are using them to see where employees fit best.

The documentary goes into detail about the history of personality tests and how companies are using the Myers Brigg personality test in job applications to determine if they want certain people to work for them. One particular person they interviewed in the film is Kyle Behm.

Kyle Behm spoke on the documentary about how he was applying to local jobs, including Kroger. Behm discussed how he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but that he had worked in customer service before so he knew what it took to work somewhere like Kroger. 

Behm later found out that he did not get the Kroger job because of his personality test results. Behm stated, “It’s not fair that by answering honestly about the things that were related to my mental health I was excluded from work. In my head, I’m thinking, there’s no way this can be legal.”

The documentary tackles several situations like Behm’s, covering several complaints filed to the US Equal Opportunity Commission, who work with disabled people being discriminated against for job opportunities due to their personality test results. 

In an article written by The Guardian, it mentioned the new documentary stating, “The Dark Truth Behind Personality tests investigates America’s infatuation with personality testing, revealing the surprising origin story behind the MBTI while surfacing ethical questions and criticisms that these seemingly harmless instruments are profoundly discriminatory and reflective of larger troubling issues of who exactly is considered worthy and valuable in society.”

The documentary targets those who take personality tests by revealing how the new generations are using them to find themselves and to feel like they are not left out. 

Individuals have created Youtube channels, TikTok videos and other forms of media to converse about their personality types and to connect with others who have the same personality as they do.

Mashable also reviewed the new documentary stating, “Persona examines the cultural phenomenon that is the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator and, to a lesser extent, the Big 5 Personality Test by tracking the historical origins of Myers-Briggs, the use of personality testing in hiring practices, and the potentially nefarious social uses of such assessments.”This documentary is a great way for those who have taken personality tests to see the real truth behind them. “Persona: The Dark Truth Behind Personality Tests” is an informative and awakening documentary for anyone to watch.