“Rumors” Performed by the Pinion Players

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  • The Pinion Players performed the show “Rumors” this past Friday and Saturday, March 19 and 20. The show was a comedy about multiple sets of couples trying to figure out what happened to their friends and what they should do about it.

  • Sophomore Ashley Martin and senior Daniel Jones. “I think my favorite scene that I was in was when I got to hit my husband Glen with a purse,” said Martin. “The first time we did that one I didn’t tell him that I was gonna hit him with a purse, so his reaction was priceless.”

  • “My favorite scene to like to watch / listen to from backstage was the argument scene between Cassie and Glen,” said sophomore Beth Gaver, pictured with first year Mateo Tucker. “It was a funny scene, first of all, and second of all, everyone backstage would just kind of pantomime the entire scene, too, which made it extra fun.”

  • “Probably my favorite scene is when Cassie is flirting with my husband Lennie,” said senior Taylor Callahan, pictured with junior Carlos Allen. “I get to pretend like I really want to kill her. I do enjoy that.”

  • “I liked the scene where me and Cassie first get into it and we started fighting just because it’s a good back and forth that I have with Ashley and we do a great job with that,” said senior Daniel Jones, pictured here. “But my favorite lines are probably like my last two sets of lines where I’m talking about how Charlie’s about to come down and explain everything, but I didn’t hear the gunshot, so it’s kind of funny. I’m looking out for myself while I’m just navigating the whole situation.”

  • First year Mateo Tucker, pictured here, said his favorite scene was, “basically when I walked in and everybody’s dancing and I’m just like, ‘What’s going on here?’” And his favorite part of being in the show was “being with this great cast.”

  • “My favorite part about being in the show is that everybody was so funny,” said junior Shayne Williamson, pictured here. “It definitely made it worthwhile to keep coming everyday cause I kept working with a bunch of people who knew what they were doing and were hilarious, so that was definitely the most rewarding part of it.”

  • “My favorite scene was when I turn around and say that it’s me, it’s Lennie,” said senior Avery Njau, pictured with junior Kylee Lorio. “I love that scene cause I get to spin around and be extra dramatic. It’s very fun.”

  • “I really liked being a part of the cast, honestly,” said sophomore Gabbi Singor, pictured here. “The show was so hectic and crazy, but because we had such a good cast it really did come together, and I think we all worked really well together.”

  • “My favorite part was probably just getting to know everyone on the set,” said sophomore Ashley Martin, pictured here. “I made a bunch of new friends and met a bunch of cool people, so I enjoyed that.”

  • “My favorite scene would probably be at the beginning with Chris and Ken,” said junior Carlos Allen, pictured here. “I love when Chris is just freaking out. She’s just like ‘Ken it’s the doctor!’ and Ken’s like already upstairs. I think it’s one of my favorite scenes in the entire play.”

  • “I feel like my favorite scene was Glen and Cassie when they come out on the stage for the first time,” said junior Shayne Williamson, pictured with sophomore Gabbi Singor. “They argue back and forth very hilariously, so that’s definitely my favorite scene in the whole play.”

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Katelyn Harrison, Staff Writer